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Whitepaper: Deploying SAP EWM or WM in your conventional or automated warehouse? Here’s how to get the most out of your integration.

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As the market-leading enterprise resource planning (ERP) system, SAP has become the go-to choice for companies seeking to streamline their operational processes to gain a competitive edge. That’s partly because SAP’s ERP software can unite otherwise disparate data sources for timelier decision-making across procurement, manufacturing, warehousing, fulfillment, service, sales, finance, quality management and human resources groups.

When it comes to the portion of the SAP suite specifically engineered for the warehouse and fulfillment realm, SAP’s software has two offerings:

  • SAP Supply Chain Execution (SCE) Extended Warehouse Management (EWM)
  • SAP Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) Warehouse Management (WM)

This whitepaper takes a look at the potential benefits of an optimized SAP EWM or WM deployment; key steps to ensure a smooth implementation; and the myriad ways different functional areas within a company will benefit from partnering with a qualified SAP SCE solution provider.

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